OpenVisionTM is a lightweight live video X-ray imaging system that provides real-time video X-ray for handheld use without the need for evacuation of public areas. It is portable, effective, safe, and fast. Whether using the OpenVisionTM in handheld, an inverted position, or fully robot integrated, its ease of deployment allows for rapid x-ray inspection at different angles around the package. A portable DVR with an optional 150ft cable for remote hard wired viewing can be used to prevent EMR exposure to unattended packages. A highly sensitive imager with a laser pointer is used to show the radiation hazard area. OpenVisionTM can be unpacked, set up, and ready to use in less than two minutes.


  • Unattended bag and parcel inspection
  • Inspection of vehicle panels
  • Inspection of walls
  • Static/fixed installation
  • Checkpoint/Entry point inspection
  • Electronic surveillance sweeps