Isotopes Arabia Co. Ltd. is a company that was established September 2008, with a commitment to serve its clienteles with full dedication and timely service. One of the NDT suppliers that provide Gamma Radiography Products and other NDT Testing Equipment and Industrial Inspection Services. The company also provides transportation of radioactive materials and also, offer repair and maintenance of Gamma projectors and its accessories. Isotopes Arabia Co. Ltd. caters Saudi Aramco, NDT inspection providers, QA/QC industries and many other industries to support the demands of growing business in the Kingdom.

Isotopes Arabia Co. Ltd. is one of the subsidiary companies owned by the Al-Yami Group of Companies who also owns Quality Control Services Co. (QCS), UT Quality Arabia. (UTQA), Energy and Construction Co. Ltd. (ENERCON), Ahmed Yahya Al-Yami Contracting Est. (AYA) and Sky Pumps Est. The business is located at Room 10, 3rd Floor, Abdulla Al-Dossary Building King Abdulaziz Street, Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia, a 150 sq. meter sales office located conveniently at Al Khobar central business district.

Since the inception, Isotopes Arabia Ltd. has serviced many companies in the industry though considered to be new in the business. The company has established its name to be regarded as one of the leading NDT suppliers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Proven and tested to compete alongside with its competitors with their dynamic marketing approach.

Isotopes Arabia Co. Ltd. has a management system conforming to ISO 9001 2008 for continual improvement in working practices throughout the entire organization, to manage the business effectively and put in place best practice methodology to compete locally and globally.


Our goal is to be the leader in the industry we serve, to the benefit of our clienteles, employees and shareholders. We are a value driven company and the core values we accede to include the following:

  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Taking Care of our Employees
  • Giving Back
  • Doing the ‘RIGHT” Thing.
  • Building Strong Relationships


Isotopes Arabia services will be widely regarded as world class, providing our clients the highest levels of services, meeting their expectations, guaranteeing their satisfaction


Isotopes Arabia and its employees pledge their absolute attention and focus to customer fulfillment at all levels of performance, regardless of the nature of the services rendered.

To improve Quality, it is our passion to continuously explore, amend and replace various processes within the Organization, which will manifest itself in higher standards of Quality Management. The Executives of Isotopes Arabia reposes its entire faith in its employees, and allows them to adopt the right changes at the right time in right measures in order to make our products and services cost effective without compromising, at all, to any form of quality in rendering these services. Thus, the success of implementation of this Policy lies in cultivating each employee of the Company on this need in devising an ongoing training program at all levels, to attain complete skills as required for our business, from time to time.


Conduct Of Business

The Management Team shall carry out the company's business in a well-organized and clear manner and in meeting its obligations to the stakeholder.

Quality Services

The Management Team and the Board shall be dedicated to deliver services of the highest quality standard as per the requirements of the clients to ensure their full contentment. The quality standards shall be in consonance with national/international standards.


The Management Team and the Board shall guarantee that the Company's products and services are made available to the customers freely and shall not make false/misleading statements about the competitors' services and products or indulge in any unfair trade practices.

Product Lines & Services

Our product lines composed mainly of Gamma and X-ray Radiography products and radioactive sources for Industrial purposes and technical services, and in the near future we will be offering other technologies available in the market to suit the requirement of our customers.

In the last couple of years, Isotopes Arabia has made some progress in attracting several manufacturers and suppliers in different industries.

Services includes Import and Export of Radioactive Sources and Materials, Transportation Services of Radioactive Materials / Dangerous Goods, Routine Inspection and Maintenance of Sentinel 880 Projectors and Control Assemblies, Instrument Machine Calibration, Brokerage and Cargo Services.