OpenVisionTM is a light weight live video x-ray imaging system for hand-held inspection. It includes a highly sensitive radioagraphic imager and battery-operated 70kV x-ray tube designed for portable field operation. The proprietary intensified video imaging system captures images and displays them on hand held LCD viewer, ruggedized head mounted display, or portable recorder with LCD display in real-time.

Product Features

  • Internal imager control cable
  • Improved C-arm, imager joints, and slider
  • Accessory hub
  • Integrated x-ray triggers
  • New compact lightweight controller
  • Color changing power/x-ray on indicator

FXG-DR1012 Panel System

The SENTINEL™ DR Panel System, along with MultiVision HD software is designed to be used with x-ray and high energy gamma-ray isotopes. The all-in-one package is portable, user friendly and com- pact. The system can be used to perform radiography at the inspection site with immediate results. Your image is acquired and stored instantly.

Product Features

  • Wide energy range
  • Durable
  • Thin
  • Lightweight
  • Compatible with Multivision HD Software
  • IP64 Rated

Multivision Software

Our newest multi‐modality software platform for NDT… SENTINEL™ MulVision HD™ soware has been designed from the ground up to support a wide variety of radiographic modalies in a single, user‐ friendly and consistent environment. Based on the industry‐standard DICONDE format, high‐quality images can be captured, viewed and exported with ease. Whether you are using CR, DR or another image‐capture technology, SENTINEL™ MulVision HD™ gives you the flexibility and the tools you need to get the job done—fast!

  • Seamless interface across modalies
  • Simple, icon‐driven operaon
  • True DICONDE standard architecture
  • Simultaneously scan and view images
  • Simple image adjustment tools
  • Sophiscated filters and presets
  • Advanced measurement tools
  • Highly customizable to meet your needs
  • Informaonal technique editor
  • Source tracking and acvity calculator
  • Image export with integral free viewer
  • Open architecture for future expansion


The GW-4 is an automated digital X-ray scanner for inspecting pipeline or vessel weldments during new construction.Using the latest CMOS X-ray imaging technology, the GW-4 scanner can complete a 3 inch wide, high resolution scan of a 24 inch pipeline in one to two minutes depending on pipe wall thickness. On larger pipe, two or three scanners are run simultaneously.The system is sturdy, compact, lightweight and easily deployed on the pipeline by one person. Using a unique magnet drive system, the GW-4 can be mounted to the pipeline, ready to scan, in 30 seconds.The GW-4′s integrated controller handles the scanning tasks, while the operator’s portable workstation captures the inspection, allowing instant analysis and digital storage of the inspected weld.

Segmented Array

Segmented Array Camera SegmentedArray™ has much better resolution than LDA’s and high energy is no problem. A new CMOS X-ray system for inspection of agricultural product, electronics, castings, welds, baggage, freight, vehicles, etc. Images are scrolled to the computer display in real-time SegmentedArray™ cameras are available in the sizes listed below. The arrays are shielded and collumated for long life and high-quality imaging.The SegmentedArray™ works with conventional CP X-ray sources, but without film, chemicals, or waiting.*30% better resolution than amorphous silicon or amorphous selenium panels

Snap Shot

Portable field imager for pulse and isotope sources The SnapShot Imager is a high-resolution rugged portable digital X-ray imaging system for industrial and security imaging applications. It is specifically designed with a tapered back for imaging oil and gas piping in pipe racks. The light weight design and direct integration with a pulse source make this a convenient system to use on poles for overhead pipe imaging. The Snapshot works with isotope sources and conventional constant potential, rectified and pulse x-ray sources.