Gamma Radiography

Isotopes Arabia distributes SENTINEL™ complete range of gamma ray projectors and radiography sources (Iridium-192, Cobalt-60, Selenium-75 and Ytterbium-169). Gamma ray projectors include the 880 Series Source Projectors, 865 Projector, 680B Projector, 979 Crawler Head, and 959M Scar Projector. In addition to gamma ray projectors, SENTINEL™ also offers source holders that are fully compatible with all leading makes of projector.

880 Series Source Projectors

Model 880 series source projectors are used for industrial applications of gamma radiography to inspect materials and structures in the density range of approximately 2.71 g/cm3 through 8.53 g/cm3.SENTINELTM Model 880 Delta, 880 Elite and 880 Omega source projectors are portable, lightweight and compact industrial radiographic exposure devices. The patented device body consists of a titanium ‘S’ tube and cast depleted uranium (DU) shield contained within a 300series stainless steel tube with stainless steel discs welded at each end forming a cylinder shaped housing. The discs are recessed to provide protection for the rear mounted Locking mechanism and front mounted outlet port.The horizontally oriented design allows the locking mechanism, source assembly connector and outlet port to be easily operated, simplifying connection of source guide tubes and remote controls.





The exposure device body, containing the DU shield, locking mechanism, outlet port, protective covers and requiredlabels*, comprises the radioactive material transport Type B(U) Package


An impact resistant plastic jacket surrounds the exposure device to protect labels and provide the means for carrying andplacement during radiographic operations. The three models are identified by jacket color; yellow for the 880 Delta, blue for the 880 Elite and orange for the 880 Omega.

979 Crawler Head

The Model 979 crawler head is exclusively designed for use with gamma radiography crawlers containing a Selenium-75 source. It is compatible with (gamma crawler specific) mechanical and electromechanical actuators. Self propelled pipeline crawlers are inserted into pipelines with inner diameters of 3 in (7.62 cm) or greater to perform panoramic radiography of circumferential welds and the adjacent heat affected areas.The exposure device consists of a welded stainless steel housing which contains a tungsten shield. It also serves as the Type A storage and transport packaging for the radioactive source. The beam port contains lead to shape the emergent primary beam when the source assembly is in the exposure mode.


  • Reusable
  • Key-lockable storage cover
  • Safety
  • Stainless steel housing
  • Panoramic beam with a variable width of 5° to 90°


The Model 959M portable gamma radiographic exposure device is specifically designed as a Small Controlled Area Radiography (SCAR) system. The SCAR projector is used primarily for the radiography of standard or difficult joint geometries without disruption and the need for large barrier areas. The SCAR system is comprised of a Model 959M projector, a pneumatic control unit and a series of clamps to fit a variety of pipe sizes. The system may be used with a maximum of 15 curies of Iridium-192 or 81 curies of Selenium-75. Lower activity sources with smaller focals are available.


  • Allows for 24 Hour radiography
  • Highly directional beam
  • Reduces radiation dose
  • Sealed source does not leave the device during exposures
  • No flash dose during exposure or retraction of sealed source
  • More production time for all trades
  • Locks to prevent unauthorized operation
  • Inspection through insulation for corrosion


The SENTINELTM SENTRY models 330 and 110 are mobile industrial radiography exposure devices for use in the field.  The exposure device body consists of a titanium ‘S’ tube and cast depleted uranium (DU) shield contained within a welded stainless steel cylinder.  These devices have an automatic securing mechanism that automatically secures the source assembly when retracted into the fully shielded position.  Both devices include a handling rib assembly that helps to facilitate lifting and increases the ease of movement of the device.  A key safety feature is that both the automatic securing mechanism and front port cover are protected by stainless steel tube extensions that are welded into the main body of each device.

The rear plate port weldment is designed to provide easy access to the locking mechanism and source assembly connector for connection of the SENTINELTM control assembly.  The front plate port weldment is designed to provide easy access to the outlet port for the connection of the guide tube with bayonet assembly.

TENB680, 680B Projector with OPL

The SENTINELTM Model 680B source projector combines the penetrating radiation of Cobalt-60 with the mobility provided by the use of depleted uranium shielding. It is designed for the radiography of steel from 1 in to 7 in (25 mm to 175 mm) thick and light alloys 3 in to 15 in (75 mm to 375 mm) thick. All components have been developed to provide safe, reliable service and long life under the harsh conditions of industrial use. The durable case is designed to ease rigging operations. A lock is incorporated to prevent use by unauthorized personnel. The source cannot be projected until the control cable is correctly connected. The projector can not be locked or the control cable disconnected until the source is safely stored. Projectors with codes that include the letter A or B are fitted with the unique Posilock device which automatically secures the source assembly in the stored position on retraction. Remote controls allow the operator to control the source at a distances of 35 ft (10.7 m) or 50 ft (15.2 m). When the source is in the exposure position the control can be a total distance of 46 ft (14 m) using 25 ft controls, 63 ft (19.2 m) using 35 ft controls, or 99 ft (30 m) using 50 ft controls.


A handle control assembly is comprised of the hand crank and gear box, a pair of control housings, a drive cable and a safety connector. The handle grip consists of a lightweight housing and hand crank to propel the source to the exposure position and back. The molded handle is specifically designed to maximize crank speed and minimize fatigue. The control housing assembly consists of an outer sheath of flexible cable with a yellow and black cover. The drive cable consists of spiral wound flexible steel.


  • Available in 25, 35 and 50 ft (7.5, 10.5 and 15 m)
  • Lightweight polyurethane ergonomic handle design
  • Water resistant handle assembly preventing ingress of water, dirt and sand
  • Control housings are constructed of light weight, nonmetallic 3-ply material twined together for maximum dent resistance
  • Yellow and black housings for high visibility during night operations
  • Large gear ratio providing 1 foot of travel per revolution (ALARA)
  • Commercial grade sealed ball bearing
  • Noncorrosive stainless steel end fittings
  • Extreme temperature operation from -40oF to 212oF (-40oC to 100oC)


Source guide tubes are flexible stainless steel tubes with a protective polyvinyl covering and are available to fit all SENTINELTM projector units. Intermediate and termination source guide tubes, which are inter connectable to provide required length, are available. The intermediate section tube has a male connector at one end and a female connector at the other, and can be used with a disconnectable source stop as a guide tube termination. The extreme condition source guide tube is designed for use in extreme weather conditions. It has a temperature range of -60o to 135o C (-76o to 275o F).

Source Positioning Kit

It is recommended that a source stop be held in position with the source positioning kit. The kit is composed of a tripod stand, adjustable clamp, and clamp holder. TAN4021, Tripod Stand, Adjustable clamp, and Clamp holder (Complete Kit)

Gamma Ray Collimators

Collimators contain and direct the beam of radiation during exposure. A wide range of collimators have been developed to meet the variety of applications and techniques.

Film Illuminators

  • 9160932289, 188 Bright Spot Illuminator
  • DF-2D5S-S2, Sentinel Enhanced Viewer
  • QME1001, High Intensity  Illuminator
  • TO-1001, 187A High Intensity Illuminator

Film Processing Accessories

  • 9129330101, Solution Agitator
  • Comparators
  • Dark Room Safelight
  • Envelopes
  • Film Developing Hangers
  • Film Developing Reels
  • Floating Glass Thermometer
  • High Vision Safelight
  • Immersion Heaters
  • Pocket Pal Densitometer
  • S90861 Didital Timer
  • TO-SM-10, SM-10T Densitometer

Exposure Accessories

  • 91340203, Magnetic Film Holder
  • Film Cassettes
  • Film Image Scales (2)
  • Lead Letters & Figures
  • Lead Screens
  • Plaque Style Penetrameters
  • Radiographic Exposure Calculators
  • TO-0600, ASTM E-747 Wire Style Penetrameters